Women meet

We will chat, play games, maybe do some crafts and cook. In the computer room, we can surf the web together. We’ll exchange ideas and thoughts, and get to know each other better.

Women of all ages are welcome, who want to do something together. You can bring babies and small children.

Each Friday 10am – noon,
March 15 – May 17, except April 12 Easter market, and April 19 Easter

Program, already fixed

22.3. Playing offline-games, why does it make sense? lead: Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll

29.3. Dancing, lead: Birgit Hausleitner

5.4. Home remedies – especially for children, lead: Gabi Latour

12.4.  no meeting – Easter market
19.4. no meeting –  Easter holidays

26.4. Jodeln, lead: Maria Kapelari

3.5. not yet fixed

10.5. Playing theater,  lead: Emina Eppensteiner

17.5. Fasting time – an exchange of ideas, lead: Marianne Schindlecker