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Excursion to Hainfeldmuseum on May 20

We will visit the Hainfeldmuseum on May 20. There are various exhibits about the history of Hainfeld. All participants of the German language class at Comedor del Arte are invited.

Information: Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll (mobile phone: 0664 / 10 26 798)
She will participate at the excursion.

Meeting place/date: 1.30 Uhr at Comedor del Arte
We will go there together. Please be on time!

There will be no ABC class on this Saturday.

Discussion group about household at the museum with coffee and brioche buns:
Women who want to practice their German can participate on a discussion about household topics and issues on the same day, either at 10:30AM until noon, or at 3:30PM – 5PM)