Herzverstand association

The Comedor del Arte is a project of the Herzverstand association. The initial founding meeting of the association was on Jan 2, 2017. The first general assembly took place on Jan 15, 2019. The last one took place on April 18, 2023.

Herzverstand – Association for the promotion, organization and operation of the Comedor del Arte. In addition, to foster and communicate the vision of an empathic society, located in 3170 Hainfeld.

Attention from october 2023 new adress:
Wilhelm Grundmann Straße 16 , 3170 Hainfeld 

Chairperson: Mag. Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll, MA
Deputy chairperson: Renate Höfler
Secretary: Gudrun Lux
Deputy secretary: Dagmar Rosenkranz
Treasurer: Franz Witzmann (Franz hat passed away on July, 7th, 2023)
Deputy treasurer: Cornelia Fuchs
Director at large: Ing. Erich Lux

Auditor: Gerhard Ernst und Mag. Elisabeth Hasler

We look forward to welcoming new members! The application form is here for download: