Herzverstand association

The Comedor del Arte is a project of the Herzverstand association. The initial founding meeting of the association was on Jan 2, 2017. The first general assembly took place on Jan 15, 2019.

Herzverstand – Association for the promotion, organization and operation of the Comedor del Arte. In addition, to foster and communicate the vision of an empathic society, located in 3170 Hainfeld, Bahnstrasse 1/G3.

Chairperson: Mag. Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll, MA
Deputy chairperson: Renate Höfler
Secretary: Gudrun Lux
Deputy secretary: Dagmar Rosenkranz
Treasurer: Franz Witzmann
Deputy treasurer: Cornelia Fuchs
Director at large: Ing. Erich Lux

Auditor: Rainer Engelscharmüllner und Mag. Lilly Gaschler

We look forward to welcoming new members! The application form is here for download: