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Weltmenschpreis 2021

The Weltmenschpreise was awarded for the 17th time on 10/10/21 in the beautiful events hall at Schloss Kottingbrunn.
This year a total of four award winners were honored, because last year the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.
Mehmet Zeki Metin, author, founder and president of the Weltmenschpreis association, presented the awards.
This time our engagement in Hainfeld has been recognized. Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll was selected as the female award winner this year. In her speech she pointed out that indifference – towards corruption or suffering of our fellow human beings – is a key reason for injustice and oppression. In essence, she mentioned at the end of her talk: “I am only a small light among all engaged people, and I am accepting this award in recognition of the many people working every day for a better world”. This, because many small lights account for a sea of lights.”
The moderator of the evening was Kaltrina Durmishi, in between there were interesting music performances.
We remember the joyful and colorful kosovo-albanian folk dance group “February 17”, and the american singer Olivia Haynes-Ansari was particularly moving, with her two afghan songs interpreted in Dari. Her husband, filmmaker Ali Haynes-Ansari recorded the evening.
You can listen to Alexandra’s speech on YouTube here.
In conclusion, it was a beautiful evening for the “Comedor del Arte” family that was in attendance. It would be great if next year even more people want to celebrate Weltmenschtag on October 10.
More information about Weltmenschpreis and the Weltmensch association here.
Award winner 2020: Mag. Dr. Margaretha Kopeinig und Peter Haider, president UPF
Award winner 2021: Mag. Alexandra Eichenauer-Knoll, MA and Dr. Fuat Sanac