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Concert – singing and guitar

Saturday, Sept 24, 2016
Beginning at 8pm
Comedor del Arte

On Saturday, Sept 24 at 8pm, there will be a family style concert at Comedor del Arte. Clemens Schmidt, son of Franz Witzmann, will play guitar, and Mika Abdullaeva, co-founder of Commedor del Arte will sing some songs.
Both artists are about 20 years old, very talented and both have plenty of musical plans for the future.
The soprano Mika Abdullaeva wants to become a singer. Due to connections from Franz Witzmann, she was able to participate in some public appearances including the human rights stage of Donauinselfest and at the talent competition of Lower Austria (NOEN Talentwettbewerb) 2015. In the meantime she already recorded some songs together with her sister Aida. Mika sings Pop and Classical with feeling and passion!

Clemens Schmidt is currently studying medicine in Vienna. He has already participated in numerous competitions, and he also performed as a solo-act in various settings on stages throughout Austria and Europe. For this particular evening, he plans to perform his own compositions, and music from other so-called acoustic finger style artists.
We are very much looking forward to the performance from both of them!

Fotos: Franz Witzmann and Fabian Schuster

What is acoustic finger style?
With influence from musicians like Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross and Thomas Leeb, this style tries to produce a full band sound & ensemble through a very wide variety of guitar techniques. This is being done with classical guitar technique, percussion on the instrument, tapping of the strings, etc. The complete sound is being produced through integration of these various sound elements. 
Various musical pieces are being performed, from Irish melodies to singer/songwriter to well known arrangements like Coldplay and Toto, all done on one instrument, and occasionally supported with voice.