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Part of the Hainfelder Ferienspiel 2019, Comedor del Arte is offering two events:

July 10, 10AM – noon:
Theater workshop for children
Leader: Emina Eppensteiner

no registration necessary

August 27, 10AM – noon
Shadow theater with theme “carnival of the animals”
Leader: Emina Eppensteiner

no registration necessary

Location: Comedor del Arte, Bahnstraße 1 / G3

Computer class

Dates: Saturday
Time: 10am – 1pm

Where Comedor del Arte, first floor

Lessons and goals:
– Turning computer on and off, creating files / folders
– Writing emails
– Create word documents and convert into pdf
– Write job applications, including attachments

– Web search (jobs, apartments, cars, etc.)

5 students
Lead: Reza Goudarzi

Registration necessary with Franz Witzmann, tel: 0650 / 8510896 or in person

(Deutsch) Nominiert als “Ort des Respekts“

Nominated as “Ort des Respekts” (place of respect)

449 “Orte des Respekts” (places of respect) were selected from more than 800 nominations at the competition “Orte des Respekts 2016”. These are shown on the interactive map Orte des Respekts and demonstrate progressive societal engagement in Austria.

The competition was organized by respect. net. The is a group of people interested in politics trying to further societal engagements, and is not affiliated with a particular political party. Political engagement in a broad sense is important for a functioning and vibrant democracy.
The is trying to develop new and innovative concepts for participation in the political process, because people are increasingly turned off by the traditional established political system. In 2010, the founded the crowdfunding platform as a first concrete step.
The goal of the platform is to connect engaged people who have innovative ideas with potential supporters, and it serves to inform people quickly and efficiently about interesting projects.