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Nov 16 crafting design boxes

Franz Kodeska lives in Hainfeld. Since his retirement he has dedicated himself to a lovely arts and crafts hobby. He is making designer boxes out of grey cardboard, covered with beautiful design or construction paper.

We are very happy that he will share his technique with us in a workshop. Some of the boxes will be sold at the Hainfelder Kreativmarkt in the Kultursaal on Dec 13 and 14.

Saturday, Nov 16, 2PM – 5PM
Sunday, Nov 17, 2PM – 5PM (optional, in case we are not finished on Saturday)

All necessary materials are being provided

Lead:  Franz Kodeska

Further info and registration with Alexandra at 0664 / 1026798

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Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde des Comedor del Arte!

Auch heuer stellen wir wieder am Kreativmarkt in Hainfeld aus. Franz wird mit dem Küchenteam im Innenhof des Gemeindezentrums stehen. Heuer erstmals mit Unterstützung einer Frittöse, die wir uns geleistet haben, damit die Bolanis auch wirklich frisch und heiß serviert werden können.

Alexandra wir mit ihrem Team im ersten Stock zu finden sein und dort eigene Erzeugnisse wie Yogapölster, Augenpölsterchen, Fußmatten, Schürzen, getrocknete Steinpilze sowie 1000taschen-Produkte verkaufen. Außerdem werden wir Designschachteln aus Papier ausstellen, die wir in einem Workshop mit Franz Kodeska lernen zu produzieren.

Wir freuen uns über Besucher und Besucherinnen und auch über viele Gelegenheiten, wieder einmal miteinander zu plaudern!

Kreativmarkt Hainfeld
13. und 14. Dezember 2019, 9 – 18 Uhr
im Gemeindezentrum, 3170 Hainfeld

(Deutsch) Nominiert als “Ort des Respekts“

Nominated as “Ort des Respekts” (place of respect)

449 “Orte des Respekts” (places of respect) were selected from more than 800 nominations at the competition “Orte des Respekts 2016”. These are shown on the interactive map Orte des Respekts and demonstrate progressive societal engagement in Austria.

The competition was organized by respect. net. The is a group of people interested in politics trying to further societal engagements, and is not affiliated with a particular political party. Political engagement in a broad sense is important for a functioning and vibrant democracy.
The is trying to develop new and innovative concepts for participation in the political process, because people are increasingly turned off by the traditional established political system. In 2010, the founded the crowdfunding platform as a first concrete step.
The goal of the platform is to connect engaged people who have innovative ideas with potential supporters, and it serves to inform people quickly and efficiently about interesting projects.