(Deutsch) Franz filmt!

Franz makes a movie

Franz made his first movie during the open house at Comedor del Arte October 15/16.
This is for all folks who were not able to stop by at the event, and all friends of Comedor del Arte.

Have a look, the movie is fun!

Link to youtube

Reinhard Jölli translated for us the film:


Open house social festival “Tu was dann tut sich was” (do something, then something will happen)

From being connected to action, part 1

Franz: 2016, open house, Comedor del Arte, a bief walkabout, come with me, you are very much invited!
Here is Sleman: why are you coming to the Comedor, what do you like here?

Sleman: Because Franz is here:-)
Franz: Are there other reasons?
Sleman: Well, also because Alexandra is here, and I have lots of interaction with other folks, other cultures, other traditions, and there are nice people at the Comedor. I also ate a lot, and there is plenty of tea, that is all, thank you Franz for the interview. Thank you.

Franz:  Yussuf, what are you doing here?
Yussuf: no idea, ……
Alexandra: stars

Franz:  Why do you come to the Comedor? What do you like?
Ramazan: I was taking a walk…

Franz:  Asadullah, are you a hairdresser, yup, aha, that is great, a new hair cut for Abdeljan.

Franz:  Hey Aref, why do you come to the Comedor? What do you like here.
Aref: I come to help, making soup, ….

Franz: What are you cooking there? Burani?
Pardes, the cook: (some conversation in English), with potatoes, with chick peas, and…
(some conversation in native language)
Franz: Dishes are being prepared with careful attention. Great, beautiful burani.

Franz:  Why are you coming to the Comedor?
Reinhard: Comedor is great. You see how the “immigrants” integrate themselves into life in Hainfeld, the German classes, the Children’s afternoon on Wednesday, it is just great.
The various initiatives that are taking place here, lead by Franz and Alexandra, I find it perfectly represents the motto “Tu was dann tut sich was” (do something, then something will happen). Thank you.

Franz:  (Reads from cards, fixed on a wall): The energy and spirit, seven principles from Mahatma Gandhi. We are all connected through love. In everything there is a spirit going to the center, without it nothing would exist.