Six short films will be presented on saturday July, 9, 2016, starting from 6 p.m. in the Comedor del Arte. They are the result of  three workshops, with four to five asylum seekers each. Together with media artist Sonja Wessel the people will tell their own, personal story in a film, which lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. In the workshops the young people had also the possibility to learn different film techniques such as recording or cutting.

Franz Witzmann from the COMEDOR DEL ARTE organized for this project a group of young people living in Hainfeld.

The presentation is a nice opportunity to talk and make friends. The entrance is free. Food and drinks are availabe for fee.

The project is organized by Villa Kreativ, Neulengbach and is part of the Viertelfestivals NÖ Mostviertel 2016.

Last event:
FREILEBEN: August, 6, 2016, starting from 6 p.m., Gut Aichhof Maria Anzbach