Movie presentation and festival

We got to know the German movie director Sonja Wessel last year at the Viertelfestival NOE where she was leading similar workshops for three weeks, and Franz Witzmann was able to connect her with a number of people.

Sonja Wessel will lead a movie workshop at Comedor del Arte from July 24 to 28. The general theme of the self portraits is “Wie Zuagroaste unsere Heimat sehen”. Conclusion of this productive workshop will be a movie presentation. Many thanks to the City of Hainfeld for providing the Kultursaal for this purpose. We will also use this evening to present the many activities of Comedor del Arte. There will be an international buffet and music for people attending. Save the date!

Tuesday August 1
Begin movie presentation: 19:00
Kultursaal Gemeindezentrum Hainfeld